Online Slots Volatility

Find out more about online slots and their volatility in this great guide!

It’s no secret that slot volatility is slot volatility, or slot variance as it’s also know, is a hot topic of conversation among online gamers. It’s a subject that’s very much important when trying to distinguish the chances and risks that are apparent when playing online slots.

Within this category, there are two types of slots, those that are highly volatile and those that have low volatility. The former tend to be more exciting for slots players, having more potential to pay out larger sums, whilst low volatility risks pay out little and often. However, highly volatile slots ultimately come with higher risk.

The frequency of payouts in highly volatile slot games is never promised, and this can often vary between gaming sessions; these slots can go through periods of paying out very little, if at all. Despite this, high volatility slots are the ones that can make big winners, dishing out huge sums of money on occasion.

Low volatility slots are generally recommended to casual players, or those with lower budgets. However, despite your budget and intentions when playing online slot games, having knowledge of these games and their volatility can potentially be beneficial!

This kind of information is rarely shared willingly by casinos, so telling your low volatility slots from your high ones can be a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. There are of course ways that you may be able to tell the difference.

The internet is full of articles sharing tips on how to categorise slots, with regards to their volatility and the frequency and volume of payouts appears to be a good indicator.

Medium to high volatility slots tend to have a high volume of jackpots in a game, and other games of this volatility level tend to pay out ‘at least 40x to 50x your bet’ on a big win, ‘even if you are only winning small amounts’.

That being said, it can be useful to know which games are highly volatile and those that aren’t. So, here are some of the best high-volatility and low-volatility online slots:

  • Pyramid: Quest for Immortality – High
  • Gonzo’s Quest – High
  • Dead or Alive – High
  • Starburst – Low
  • Golden Goddess – Low
  • Tomb Raider – Low

However, knowing which games are highly volatile and those which aren’t doesn’t entirely eliminate the element of risk that’s ever-present when playing online slots. Third party sites such as search the internet for the best current deals and offers for online casinos, so you can use such information and free spins to try out high and low volatility slots. This way, you can find out which type suits your gaming style best, and instead of losing your own cash, you can use free spins!

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